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I have tried google and message boards and the publisher's site to no avail. Any idea where I can get an official 2006 David Foster Wallace reading or book signing or appearance schedule?

I can only seem to find stuff that just happened or single event listings from bookstores that are nowhere near me (for their store only, that is). Thanks!
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Have you tried telephoning his publisher? He does seem to be a hard person to track down
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Well, he's working at Pomona as the Disney Professor of Creative Writing, so if all else fails, you may be able to contact him there. His publisher appears to have nothing about a book tour on their [regrettable] website, though it looks like they had information there about past book tours.

Fun fact: I took a writing class from DFW in 1988 when he was two years out of college.
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His publicist got back to me:

David's just completed his short tour, I'm sorry to say. He was in NYC for an event at Strand on 1/11, LA's Hammer Museum on 1/15 and SF's Booksmith on 1/16.

Marlena Bittner
Senior Publicist
Little, Brown and Company
(212) 522-6810
(212) 467-4348 Fax

Too bad. That's it.
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