Longform language learning?
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Are there any language-learning apps that use a more traditional method of grammar-focused instruction? I like duolingo for the most part, but my brain tends to learn in a more structured manner rather than through absorption by repetition. I'm keen on a language app (or e-book) that teaches grammar, vocabulary, and includes long-form texts for reading if possible. I am learning French, using an Android device, and it doesn't have to be free.
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You can get the Colloquial [Mzrgrxian] grammars as Kindle books, though it does seem that you'd have to buy the audio material separately, as you would if you bought the book in deadtree format.

For something that's partway between the "osmosis/repetition" method and the Grammar Exercises Textbook method, I've found the Assimil books good if you're learning over a long period of time but have relatively little time in your day. The medium of learning is French for the majority of their books but they have the most popular languages also available in English. They are available in deadtree format only, though. What I do is scan the next lesson using JotNotPro and then upload the scanned document into Kindle and that does me just fine.
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