Biking app with narrative?
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A recent injury means I can't run with the zombies again for another couple of months. I've been using my gym's ancient stationary bike in the meantime but really missing the narrative elements of Zombies, Run. Is there anything similar for biking? I could just use the Zombies, Run app with the bike but I find it kind of weird and distracting. I don't want any gamifications that involve me doing any tasks outside the actual workout, but I do miss the story. Any suggestions?
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I'm not sure this is helpful, but for me when I switched from running to biking at the gym one of the things I liked about the bike was that I could prop my iPad on it and just... watch TV. I know that the Zombies Ru thing means you sort of speed up and slow down and other stuff, but you might consider just getting a tablet (or phone) and setting your workout to the length of your favorite whateveritis. I had special shows that I'd only watch on the gym which got my ass to the gym. I'd also watch things that got my blood pressure up (House of Cards!) which helped keep my legs pumping, and I stayed til the end of the show which was just a little longer than I might have otherwise. So, again, apologies if this isn't useful. You could also consider watching Drivelapse videos while you were pedalling if you find that useful.
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There is a Peloton app (similar to the pricier integrated fancy stationary bike), that might scratch that itch. A spin class might also help?
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While not a narrative, I like Bitgym for stationary biking. You can basically choose where in the world you want to bike and take various "tours". It's very cool.
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Response by poster: Hmm...I was interested in the Peloton app but I don't have access to a spin bike. I use the gym at my workplace which was last updated in about 2002 and doesn't offer any classes, just (dated) equipment and teal-and-purple decor. But it does have the major advantage of being a 2-minute walk from my office, which means I actually go there, unlike any of the other gyms I have belonged to over the years.

The Sufferfest looks interesting and offers a free trial. I might give that a shot.
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