Help: Sewing Pattern for Specific Jumper?
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I saw this overall jumpsuit (or jumper?) and I desperately wish to recreate it, as closely as possible. I realize it's pants with added suspenders (all in chambray/denim) but I love the fit and flare of the bottoms. If anyone could lend advice or point me in a direction, that would be wonderful! I am somewhat of a beginner sewer - no experience with pants making. I have tried searching patterns online/in stores - found nothing remotely close. Help! Thank you!
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Best answer: The pants remind me of the Megan Nielsen flint pants, though with a wider waistband.
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(Or if you want to cheat and buy readymade, modcloth has a similar-ish pair in green: )
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Best answer: There are a TON of patterns for wide-leg trousers/culottes/palazzo pants at
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Sew House 7 just released an overall pattern that's pretty awesome. It would be easy enough to eliminate the bib for the look you're going for. I've made a pair already, and they are awesomely comfy and very beginner friendly. Feel free to MeMail if you need help with fabrics or anything. I'm a sewing junkie and would be happy to help!
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