Introverts, how much time do you spend alone?
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Introverts, how much time do you spend alone, and how do you spend that time? I tend to spend a lot of time on my own, especially now that I live in a new state and am wondering how much of an outlier I am! [[ Inspired by this question asked by an extrovert ]]
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I work alone and employ nobody (it's been a long-term aim). I do work in a shared workspace, otherwise I could go for weeks without a work conversation - but I do close my door often. I travel for work often - several days month, usually alone. Am married but neither of us are social (except for online where reasonably active). Things? reading, photography, designing things and spaces is pretty-much all-absorbing and extends well beyond work. Social things are exhausting (and essentially something I script and then act-out, which makes a tedious thing fun - sorta). And this post should ensure I continue working alone, as who would employ based on the above!?
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Well, introversion and extroversion take place on a scale, so there are degrees of introvesion and that is going to affect the answers...also some introverts are more socially-oriented than others.

I am absolutely an introvert, yet if I don't have some time with people I feel lonely. However, being with people groups is exhausting for me. So it's a conundrum. I feel comfortable spending time alone, but not happy if I'm always alone.I often have to choose between being tired or feeling lonely (note: I do not have a romantic partner)

I guess, outside of work, I spend about 80% of my time alone. But that's a bit too much for me- I'd rather have more closer relationships and spend time one-on-one with those people.

When alone,, walk, do yoga, spend time online, listen to music, watch TV shows, play with my cat. I also go to coffee shops alone a lot and read/people-watch.
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I'm an introvert who works full time in an office where I work very closely with a group of six other people who I do enjoy. I live alone and don't currently have a romantic partner. Outside of time at work, and outside of doing regular errands and chores that involve interacting with other humans, I adore spending time alone at home. I read A LOT, play with my cat, listen to music, research topics that interest me, clean the house, cook and bake, watch tv, keep up with the news, sometimes I go to the movies by myself...did I mention that I read a lot?
I really never feel bored. The best weekends for me are the ones when I have nothing that I HAVE TO do and nowhere that I HAVE TO go. I used to feel that something was wrong with me for feeling this way and that I "should" have lots of plans in the evenings and on weekends. But I've realized that I work hard at my job and deserve to spend my time off as I please--and if that means entertaining myself rather than actively interacting with others (which can be exhausting at times, even when with friends) then that's OK.
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bearette has it exactly right about the lonely thing, but it doesn't feel like a choice - have tried leading, following and congregating - no good at any of those!
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