A whole lotta matzo.... to give away
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NYC Mefites: I have just come into possession of a case (12 x 10.5 oz boxes) of Yehuda matzo thins (unsalted, not Kosher for Passover) which fell off a truck from Jerusalem. I kid. The source is legit. It's fresh. But I can't use it. So where can I give this away in Manhattan that it will be used and appreciated?

Memail me if you want it yourself and can pick it up downtown. I was thinking a senior center perhaps.
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Have you called local synagogues and asked if they have food banks that might want this?
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You can access a database of NYC food drop-off sites here ("Find a Food Drop-off Site"). You can screen for kosher sites, but they are all in Brooklyn, and since you basically have a bunch of crackers, I think it would make sense to just drop it off wherever is most convenient.
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Thanks and yes it's a food bank unless I hear of a more dedicated use before tomorrow. I am told these are really good crackers..... over $8 a box on Amazon so it's around $100 of matzo!
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I would try to get it to a Kosher food bank if possible. Someone may even be willing to pick them up in Manhattan. They are decidedly not just some crappy crackers, and plenty of people would appreciate them beyond that description.
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I was going to suggest Masbia an OU-certified community kitchen and food bank, but it looks like they prefer larger donations. They might have an idea of where to donate it though.
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JCC of Washington Heights has a food pantry. 212-568-5450.
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Many Christian churches use these for communion, since the Lord's Supper was held during passover when leavening (including salt) was not allowed.

I bet it would be easy to find a church that would make good use of them.
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You could try Tomche Shabbos - they're in Queens but might have someone who can pick up. You can also try Chai Lifeline - they help make sure local children's hospitals have kosher food available for patients and their families. No one will likely answer the phone now though - it's too close to shabbat.

You could also try B'nai Jeshurun - they run a soup kitchen and might appreciate the extras.
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For those who wonder ... it went to my mom's church food bank, which serves Jewish families too. Thanks for the ideas all!
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And from there they went to a local synagogue food bank on Long Island! Just heard.
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