How can I access comics as a blind fan?
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I saw Wonder Woman recently, which reminded me that I've occasionally had an interest in comics, particularly DC properties. I'm totally blind, and thus limited in terms of what I can read without fairly major sighted assistance.

A friend of mine, Liana, was kind enough to type up a panel-by-panel description of Watchmen. This obviously took a ton of dedication and time, and I was deeply touched by the end product. I'm wondering if there might be any scripts available, or detailed summaries of story arcs, or the like? Pretty much anything which might lead to comics being more accessible is deeply appreciated, since for the moment there doesn't seem to be much publicly available.
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It'd be great if the original scripts were always available. Places like Comics Experience collects scripts for people learning about writing comics, but it's bits and pieces, not whole runs.
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Graphic Audio has several full cast audio recordings of comics from both DC and Marvel. They're kinda halfway between and audiobook and a radio play. The voice acting is a little clunky in spots, but I've found them fun to listen to.
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Do you know about Comics Empower? (click here if you want a link for sighted readers) This is their thing. I would start with them and, if they don't have what you are looking for, engage with them on Twitter and see if they have other resources. I was hoping NLS might have a min9i-bibliography about comics like they do for video gaming accesibility, but apparently not. Might want to drop them a note and see if they could make one. I'm sure this is something many librarians would also like to know about.
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Thanks for the thoughts so far. :) I was aware of GraphicAudio but didn't know they had comic adaptations. It doesn't look like a super extensive list, but it's at least a place to start.

I hadn't checked on ComicsEmpower since they were first starting. it sounds like a promising concept, and at least I can engage with them on Twitter. I'm kind of sad that I probably won't be able to get the most well-known names from them, but I guess comics are a lot larger than the big two anyway.

I'd appreciate any more thoughts y'all might have. I know very little about what's available in general ;)
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In case you missed it, jessamyn wrote an interesting post about a comic discussion podcast for the blind shortly after commenting here.
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One-off audiobook recommendation:

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson; produced by Harper Collins with a full cast production. I was unable to find any other comic adaptations by either the author or publisher.

These webcomics have transciptions:

Darths & Droids (transcription, primarily non-descriptive; provided by author)

Broodhollow (description transcriptions; fan created; 3 books of the comic are available)

XKCD (transcription & descriptive transcription; fan created so quality varies; transcribed through comic 1677)
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