Why won't my Clie sync proprely with my Mac?
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PDAFilter: I've been using MarkSpace Missing Sync to sync my Clie's with my Mac Powerbook as well as with my XP work machine. But the sync doesn't do anything on the Mac anymore.

I can sync the Mac and Clie via Bluetooth or via cable but, after it runs and says its complete, nothing has actually been updated. No datebook, no addresses, no todo's, nothing. It is, as you might guess, very frustrating.

I keep getting a message that there's a new version of MarkSpace (I'm using 4.01), could that be the reason? Is MarkSpace holding me hostage and not syncing my data to force me to update and give them another $20 or $25?
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Have you asked MarkSpace?
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I have used MarkSpace stuff for a while and have never known them to engage in crap like you're worried about. Have you updated your Mac OS?
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Response by poster: Yeah, I've looked through the MarkSpace FAQ's and support but can't find anything to figure out what the problem is. On second search, there may be an issue with an iSync preference file that I'll try tonight.

OS has been updated but I've had successful syncs after those updates so I don't think that's the problem.

I was hoping one of the MeFites had already dealt with something similar.
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Missing Sync is the software I love to hate. The installers always seem to render my G4 unable to boot without major Norton fixing. It can't handle syncing the photos from my Zire 72. It crashes when I try to sync Documents To Go.

Their response to the photo sync issue was this two page dissertation that boiled down to taking the SD card out and copying the files using a card reader. They have references to the DocsToGo problem on their website but none of their suggested remedies work.

I've got the latest update, but I'm not in the mood to do all the disk repair, so I haven't installed it yet. I'm definitely looking for an alternative.

Mac G4 OS X 10.3.9, Zire 72
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Yeah, I've looked through the MarkSpace FAQ's and support but can't find anything to figure out what the problem is

But have you asked them?

Not to be an ass, I'm a part time software developer myself, and I'm always bemused when people choose to ask a bunch of random strangers rather than the people that created the thing. They want you to be able to use your software and be happy with it.
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