Does anyone else have fond memories of their times in an MMO?
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OK This is maybe weird but does anyone else have fond memories of their times in an MMO? I basically spent a lot of time during three years a teenager playing World of Warcraft. And when I think back about it it is mostly like thinking about a vacation, or about a period of my life. Does anyone else have fond memories about their times in virtual worlds?

I have fond memories going to certain places and doing things. I was in guilds and for some time went on raids, but actually the most fond memories are exploring the wilderness and spending a lot of hours doing things on my own.

It sounds really stupid if you write it down like this, but in a way I think it’s fascinating as well. With a lot of evolution in virtual reality I am curious where this “virtual life” thing might go.

In one of my favorite ads, which is for Playstation, the narrator says “For years I have lived a double life” - talking about games.

A lot of the narrative in popular media about virtual worlds, MMOs etc. is about addiction. I think I spent quite a lot of time in WoW which you can count as addiction but looking back I still think of it as very positive experience. These days it takes a really special game to make me play video games for hours to an end (thanks Zelda on the Switch!)
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