Looking for a book that I read when I was younger...
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I'm looking for a book that I read when I was younger and I can't remember the title or author! Details that I recall: A girl (baby) raised by aborigines (?) and discovered by a couple. They take her in (she's a teenager) and she takes care of them. The wife dies, the wife has the girl promise to take care of the husband, girl goes to college, something about a albino who is related to the girl, stuck on a island, girl ends up marrying (?) or going to marry husband. Anyone know this book? Help!
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If you get nothing here on AskMeFi, you'll probably be able to get an answer for $2 at Loganberry books Stump the Bookseller. They solved 2 of these that were driving me nuts last year.
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Sounds like an Island of the Dolphins or Julie of the Wolves type book.
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Before paying money, try the librarians on the Fiction-L list, who answer this kind of question all the time - for free. Just subscribe, ask and sit back; you've got enough detail there for someone to get it, I'm guessing.
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