What are the best resources for learning graphic design concepts?
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I've been working as a 'graphic designer' in a very niche segment for almost 15 years, without actually needing to know basic graphic design principals. Now I'm job hunting and realize I need to do a crash course on all the basic theory (grid layout, whitespace, color theory, typography...etc..). I have a lot of skill with the tools (Adobe CS) but not the theory behind the practice. What books, websites, videos etc should I be reading?
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Skillshare has some pretty great options as well.
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coursera.com has a good graphic design track...I found the Fundamentals of Graphic Design course to be quite a good refresh, or at least a place to start.
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I absolutely *love* John McWade's Before & After site. The videos and various tutorials have taught me SO much about design through the years. He's got books and magazines. I've not read his books, but have bought some magazine bundles through the years. He's currently on Lynda.com and LinkedIn, and continues to put out a video through those sites. There are so many great threads on his site too - the commentors are all top-notch as well. It's truly a community of designers all learning from each other.
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Here's John McWade's other site - it's more of a blog. He discusses design decisions he made and that others have made. The comments are helpful too.
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Re: Lynda.com, many local libraries offer free membership if you sign in remotely with your account.
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I'm a landscape architect who needed to get a grasp of graphic design and How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul by Adrian Shaunessy has proved very, very useful
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It's sorta ancient (the original copyright date is 1979), but I still refer to it occasionally: Notes on Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Gregg Berryman

Simple, concise (about 48 pages), and very handy.
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