What are the first amendment limitations ?
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Recent court cases (eg Hobby Lobby, Citizens United) have upheld rights related to religious beliefs and free speech that aren't obvious. What limits are there, or what is the litmus/rationale behind what gets serious consideration and what gets tossed out of court ?

eg I would think most conservatives truly believe muslims want to overthrow democracy and institute sharia law. So take that on face (farce?) value, is a deeply held religious belief to overthrow the government and actions to do so, illegal ? Would it be a protected first amendment right ?

Other cases (I'm drawing specific blanks now) concern fighting things like FDA/FTC regs by saying the company has a protected first amendment right to say what they want (ie lie/deceive in advertisements etc). Normally I would think that would be laughed out of court, but the cases seem to be getting consideration.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This is so broad and speculative as to be unanswerable - let me know in the next hour or so if you want to narrow it down (to asking about just one of the conflicts, for example) -- LobsterMitten

As far as lying goes, the US Supreme Court has ruled that it there is generally a First Amendment right to lie. The case in question struck down a federal law that made it a crime for someone to falsely claim that they had received military honors.

First Amendment protections tend to be very broad.
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