Where to buy reasonably-priced jewelry in Portland area?
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Hi all. This is probably a dumb question but I'm having trouble figuring out where to buy the kind of jewelry I want. I've looked online and found a lot of cool stuff on sites like Etsy; however, I realllllly want to try things on before purchasing, so I'd prefer an actual store instead of an online retailer. Lots of jewelry just does not work for me even if I love it on the model. I'm in the Portland, OR area. More details below.

I realized a few years ago that all my jewelry was stuff that other people had bought me and I hated it all, got rid of it. Right now, I'm mostly interested in finding some nice statement-type necklaces so I can look a little more put-together at work, more polished. I literally have 1 necklace in my possession as of now. So, I'd really like some more. I'd also be open to bracelets and earrings, but necklaces are what I want the most (I have 0 bracelets...have some earrings but I usually wear my hair down so it's often hard to see my ears anyway).

I tend to hate what I see at department stores and malls (it always seems boring/cookie cutter, looks cheap or plasticky, no interesting chains, etc.). I like more interesting non-traditional pieces with metal, wood, or fun minerals (this is probably the problem...too picky) and I like it when jewelery makers do cool things with the chain instead of just using a standard one.

Do you guys have any ideas? I've tried googling for boutique shops but it's actually proved pretty challenging...maybe I'm not searching with the right terms. The shops that come up in the searches seem to be places to buy like, diamond rings, or really expensive stuff. I'd like to spend no more than say, $100 per necklace, but maybe that is unrealistic. Right now, the only thing I thought of is to get to the Saturday Market and see if anyone is selling cool jewelry there. Other ideas? Should I just try to find a bunch of thrift shops? Thanks so much!!
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I would advise arts & crafts fairs and bazaars that feature local artists, at least that's where I find cool stuff in Tucson. I'm not sure, but I'm going to guess Portland has a lot of these type of events.

There's a Renegade Craft Fair this summer in Portland.

Also Art in the Pearl on Labor Day weekend, and Salem Art Fair in July.
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Seconding craft fairs: Crafty Wonderland is great and now has a year-round shop.

I'd also check out Presents of Mind on Hawthorne, as well as some other stores in that area. I think you'll do best if you just wander around some of the boutique-y shopping areas on the east side: Hawthorne, Burnside, Alberta, and Mississippi all have some of the kind of shops I'd go to for this.
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Made Here PDX has a limited collection of cool stuff.


TWIST (on W burnside near the zupans)
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I really like this Portland jeweler's work, and her website has a list of stores that sell it. Lots of statement necklaces under $100.
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I just sent you a memail.

Also, Saturday Market has a good amount of vendors selling jewelry.
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Tender Loving Empire on Hawthorne has some neat stuff.
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The Real Mother Goose for fine jewelry.
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I second The Real Mother Goose. They have variety at a range of price points (though none that's really cheap -- definitely things under $100).
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Thanks everyone those are all great suggestions. I'm going to spend the next few weekends checking them out. Thanks again!
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Betsy & Iya has lots of cool statement necklaces for under $100.
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