What kind of employment should this person seek?
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If you had the following skills and job experiences and were an incredibly quick study, talented problem solver, organized, smart, almost 30 (trust me, this is not about me...), what kind of work would you do? Any specific ideas? I'm trying to help a friend. (more...)

* Created web database application to track potential contacts, including the ability to send news releases by email or post.
* Responsible for all IT functions for 7 users; sourced hosting company to solve shared contacts/remote sales force connectivity issues and implemented/trained/troubleshooted all issues for all users in both Client and browser-based environments
* Created and managed web application development which provided tailored, comprehensive contact information for sales force to identify and locate potential contacts. plus complex interconnectivity issues, initiated and completed additional functionality which allowed sales force to log interactions, estimate sales probability, and schedule follow-up reminders while in parallel providing management with both emailed and categorically searchable results for reporting and evaluation purposes.
* Responsible for all advertising and marketing initiatives, including all collateral material, postcard mailers, innovative folders and brochures, and various custom printing endeavors.
* Oversaw image and detail rich Web site development, including initiating, managing, testing, and delivering a login-only password protected secure section for investor relations.
* Responsible for facilitating a $1.2 million USD donation; shipping logistics to appraisal stewardship to delivery to all legal documentation required by the foreign government.
* Responsible for all data pertaining to the company-from Web site to online sales database to internal files and local drive documents. Established new filing system for all electronic documents to resolve previous issue of duplication and confusion, and performed weekly backups.
A few jobs:
Marketing Communications Specialist
• Wrote and edited sponsored articles for publication in international publications
• Wrote Web site content
• Executed media buys for advertising in various international print and online publications
• Wrote customizable email auto-responses to Web site inquiries
Technical Writer
• Wrote and edited user manual/ training guide for the Business Alliances department’s order entry
software; the guide is currently used for all training and reference purposes in the department
• Designed and implemented a more efficient system for distribution of order management duties
• Performed order entry, resolved order discrepancies and carrier disputes for food service customers
in a call centre environment

Program Implementation Manager
• Primary program manager of e-commerce sites provided to XXX resellers; owner of process from application to database management to Web site creation and delivery
• Coordinated efforts of XX, national banks, distributors, and resellers for each site delivered—main point of contact for all partners
• Provided extensive metrics to XX executives; personally responsible for 150% increase in delivered sites

Advertising Account Coordinator
• Led advertising initiatives from input sessions to creative presentations to media buys to execution
• Liaison between Clients and agency; responsible for Client contact and all communications
with agency’s creative department and Director of Client Services
• Researched and reported on market segments; tracked marketing efforts of Clients and competition
• Wrote brand strategies, creative briefs, Client input documents, and estimates
• Responsible for monthly billings
• Ensured that multiple simultaneous projects met all scheduled deadlines

• Microsoft Office Suite; Adobe PhotoShop; Adobe FrameMaker; Microsoft Access; Clients & Profits
• Advanced working knowledge of Internet resources
• Basic HTML writing and editing; entry-level CSS
• Conversational Spanish and Dutch
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I'd probably look at running my own business...
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Nonprofits are always looking for people who have a breadth of experience, as multi-tasking is essential with a small staff. This person could easily have a position as director or even VP of of marketing/pr or technology for a nonprofit, depending on how he/she spun the resume. The pay is usually terrible (anywhere from 20-50% below market) but the pace of life can be less taxing than the corporate world.

More background would be helpful; why the interest in making a switch? What about the current/past positions did he/she like and not like?
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IT Project Manager
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Well, you've listed the things you have done -- what do you want to do?

Also, get the most recent edition you can find of of "What Color Is Your Parachute?" (It comes out annually, at least get one from the Internet age)
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"you" is the person in question
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Is AskMe a resume service now?

Tell your friend to go talk to a recruiter. That's what they do.
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I second what mkultra just said.

How about this NOVEL idea: look on job sites for jobs that sound interesting and whose criteria match "your" qualifications. Then, apply to those jobs.

Surely it can't be so difficult as to warrant a friggin askme question.
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Uh, if your friend is in the NYC area, my department has a Web Project Manager position that needs filling. Drop me a line?
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geez, it seemed like a perfectly reasonable question at the time and I am genuinely trying to help someone who is stuck (talented, but stuck).

[I have been employed for 20 years so draw back your claws, please.]
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I think they should take out the part about the very mainstream software applications they know how to use. It makes them sound like a secretary or something. If you can create a 'web database application,' then your familiarity with the MS Office suite is understood.
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