Help me find vocal-free bombastic tracks like Gaslamp Killer: Dead Vets
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I'm looking for more instrumental tracks Gaslamp Killer: Dead Vets.

I'm looking for instrumental tracks - no vocals please. They should be drums-forward like this one. I like the gritty, cinematic tone, the dark sound, and bombastic high energy.

Although these tracks have vocals, backing tracks that remind me of this are DJ Shadow: Nobody Speak (NSFW) and Jay Z: 99 Problems (NSFW)
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There's a gallery installation at the Field Museum right now overlaying the old Native American wing with updated commentary. (It's really good.) There's a central video that plays on a loop and the music is pumped through the whole gallery. I like the music a lot. It's slower than your examples but I think otherwise has a lot of what you're looking for. I don't know if there's a standalone mp3 of it anywhere, though.

Video from the exhibit:
Artist: Santiago X

I haven't found any of his solo work yet (I've only done the most cursory of searches) but I'm pretty sure this is him.
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Best answer: You're probably aware that Adrian Younge also worked on the Luke Cage soundtrack and a lot of it is very similar to Dead Vets...

I think a bunch of stuff by Force of Nature may fit the bill; most tracks I have in mind aren't on YouTube because of rights issues, but here's Sneak Chamber.

The soundtrack for Hajime No Ippo is very drum-heavy and high-energy. Temple of Prey

You may also like some Hive, Pogo, Quantic, Red Snapper, Amon Tobin, Cabbageboy, Meat Beat Manifesto
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Your sample reminded me of Psyence Fiction, by Unkle (a DJ Shadow side project, along with a bunch of other people); some of the tracks are relatively vocal free (but often use vocal samples for texture).

Maybe some Tarantino soundtracks?
Kill Bill: Vol 1:
Run Fay Run, Isaac Hayes
Battle Without Honor or Humanity, Tomoyasu Hotel
Crane/White Lightning, RZA
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Best answer: David Holmes Ocean's Soundtracks

El-P has made instrumental versions of many of the albums he's produced, including RTJ

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited does more straight up retro sounding stuff.

The Bug Tapping the Conversation is all instrumental, the later albums vary.

There is a lot of this kind of thing from the late 90's-early 2000's
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Perhaps Steroid Maximus would fit the bill here.
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