Queer-friendly haircut in Denver?
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Looking for recommendations for queer (non-binary, specifically) friendly barbers + salons in the Denver area. Suburbs are OK too.

I've been having a hard time finding a place that makes me feel comfortable, so hoping y'all can help. I'm a AMAB but I present femme and androgynous; thus I want a haircut that reflects that... but I need a stylist, ideally, who gets that as well. And yeah, I'd like a stylist versus a SuperCuts-type place.

I'd also prefer a queer stylist, but totes open to female or femme folks as well.

I'm in Denver but willing to travel out a bit if needed.
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You might consider Babooshka or Bad Kitty on Colfax
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I go to Babooshka! They're pretty great. My partner and I are both trans-masculine, and I've been going there for almost 4 years now. If you send me a message via memail, I can give you more info. There's also the Denver Queer Exchange, and hair person recommendations are a common topic.
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I don't know if this is a fit, but maybe Moji in Englewood? I get really good short hair cuts that read mostly femme but sometimes slightly queer of center from one of their stylists. They see a lot of newly-paraplegic customers from Craig Hospital across the street so I feel like they're pretty decent with making uncomfortable humans feel slightly more comfortable in a low key way. It's not a place with a particularly queer feel though. It feels like a nice (but not over the top fancy) modern salon with a mix of mostly straight-presenting customers of varying ages & genders.
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If you're on Facebook, you should find the Colorado Queers group. This question comes up a lot there, and the answer is always Ashe Atlier. They're queer, they get you.
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