Nights in St. Louis
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I'm going to be in St. Louis for six nights in June and I'd love some ideas for what to do in the evenings.

I'm attending training just outside of St. Louis and staying in Clayton. I will have access to Uber. I'm hoping to get some new experiences and dining, but nothing outragoues. I'm mainly interested in low key dining options, must-eats, and the like. I'm already planning to hit the City Museum on Friday night (late flight out). I'm free from 4:30pm onwards. What should I do?
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Call a meetup! We haven't had one in way too long.
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Otherwise: Any preferences in terms of cuisine? Any cuisines you really love but can't readily get where you live? I'm sure we can recommend some places!
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What week? Twangfest is next week. The whole month of June has Shakespeare in Forest Park.
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Plenty of daylight left after 4:30pm in June. Forest Park has lots of great walking trails, as does Tower Grove Park.

Depending on which 6 days you're here you may be able to see the annual Shakespeare Festival, which is a free outdoor performance, generally at 6:30pm. Since you're traveling you might want to buy a reserved seat.

The St. Louis Art Museum is open til 9pm on Fridays.

The grounds of the Missouri Botanical Garden are open til 7pm on Wednesdays.

Also in June are performances at the Muny, America's largest and oldest outdoor theatre, now in its 99th season.

Wash U's Kemper Art Museum is open til 8pm on the first Friday of the month.
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Response by poster: These are fantastic! I will be there June 4 - 9.

Food wise: we don't have good BBQ here and I also really love Asian food.

And, I'd be totally up for a meet up.
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Best answer: Here are some of my favorites in the vicinity: Other options, near to and far from where you'll be:
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Best answer: Oh right, also, for authentic hand-shaved/hand-pulled Taiwanese/Chinese noodles and bubble tea, Corner 17 is awesome.

If you go to the Delmar Loop (where that and several other of those restaurants are), check out Vintage Vinyl.
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I'm flying to St Louis the 7th through the 11th and going to see the North American premiere of the new Philip Glass opera, The Trial.
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I'd just go to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard every night and deal with the aftermath when I got home.
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Best answer: Sounds like we should have a meetup June 8 or 9 then!
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there's flying trapeze in the evenings out in chesterfield, which isn't too much of a schlep from clayton:

you don't have to have any kind of circus background to do it and it's super exhilarating!
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SLAM and MoBot are both good suggestions. The history museum and zoo (also in Forest Park and free admission) are also fun.

Ted Drewes justifies the existence of St. Louis.

Schlafly's brewery has a really good restaurant, and, if you drink beer, their beer is supposedly good.

If you like *root* beer, Fitz's in the Loop is the best in the world, and their food is pretty good too.

For low-key dining, Chris' on the Hill is great, especially if you get a chance to go for breakfast.

The Hill has a ton of great Italian restaurants if you're interested in that.

But yeah, mainly Ted Drewes. That's all you really need in life.
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Circus Flora will also be up and running-- truly a wonderful experience!
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I would also add in Vernon's BBQ and Kounter Kulture as must eat restaurants.
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Best answer: Another vote for Sugarfire! They has a coffee barbecue sauce that I haven't been able to stop thinking about since my last visit! Also, +1 on Ted Drewes and Schlafly's. Good food, and I loved their hefeweizen.
I had phenomenal red beans and rice from Broadway Oyster Bar.
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The whole Delmar Loop is great. Hang out at the rooftop bar at the Moonrise Hotel. Take in a show at The Pageant. Get some artisan pizza at Pi's Pizzeria. Check out a hookah bar.
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