what the heck is this thing?
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What is this short hollow-centered concrete table thing?

This poured concrete table-shaped thing was found at a campground on the Pigeon River in Tennessee. There were at least a half-dozen of them in various states of dilapidation. It's too short for a table, too tall for a stool, has a squared out hole in the center by design, is not embedded in the earth, has no sign of fire-related use... we can't figure out what it is or could be for. Search terms are too general. Any ideas?
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Possibly a garbage can holder?
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I agree with the broken down

No exact matches, but same concept
posted by Jacen at 4:19 PM on May 30, 2017

A fish cleaning station? A garbage can would go in the center. Just a guess based on the camp's proximity to a river.
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Perhaps a burn barrel for trash if they were far away from campsites, or the base of a wooden table if they were close?
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As a veteran of a lot of old rustic campgrounds, I'm fairly sure what it is is an old pump sink, without the basin. You'd place a basin the square, and rig a hose with a pump from your water source. Pump the basin full of water, do your dishes, dump the water. It's not unlike some other more recent pump sinks you can see here, just concrete. Aka field sink.
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Thanks all, I think Miko has it.
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