did al gore get a hair transplant?
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as a civil-libertarian i greatly appreciated al gore's fiery speech on C-SPAN today. while the former vice-president looked a little heavier, i noticed his hair was much thicker than it was in the 2000 presidential race. did he get a hair transplant or is he combing his hair differently?
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I think he let his layers grow out a bit more than he used to. And he may have switched styling products - perhaps from styling gel to a mousse. He could be using a blowdryer instead of letting it air-dry. Any of these changes could produce puffier, thicker looking hair.
He still combs a part from the same side, but he must toussle it a bit with his fingers, now. I don't think he got a transplant - I just think he's styling it in a looser, groovier way.
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That and hanging out making inflamatory (don't get me wrong - I loved it) speeches is a hell of a lot less stressful than being VP and running for President. Stress makes hair fall out, therefore, no stress, more hair.
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Stress makes hair fall out, therefore, no stress, more hair.

Reversible hair loss after stress sounded like something that might need a source, so here's one. Not sure what's up with Gore, but temporary stress-related hair loss is definitely a thing.
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