How can I find my phone when it is lost under the cat?
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I just updated the Google app on my phone (Pixel, 7.1.2), and now find my phone and make it ring do not work. I have cleared the cache and restarted the phone, no dice. I use this function more often than I want to admit. Please save me.
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Did it reset your ring tone to something quiet or silent by any chance?
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It says device unavailable when I try to locate it and does not ring. I can call it using Google Hangouts, but this is not useful. My ringtone has not been changed.
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1. Is location on?
2. Under settings, tap/click Google account then click "security". Either "Find My Device" manager or "Android Device Manager" turn on "remotely locate this device" and if you are so inclined, "Allow remote lock and erase"

3. If neither of those are your issue, in the settings app, on the top, click/tap "Support". They are there 24/7 to help. I have chatted with them several times regarding my Pixel.
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I had a similar problem but perhaps not exactly the same: When I click "ring" on, it does not ring.

But if I click "locate" from that page, which opens up "Android Device Manager" ( and then click "Play Sound" from that screen -> it rings for me.

The first situation worked for me in the past but no longer (not sure if it was after an update)
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AugustWest, thank you! I forgot about the in-phone support.

And czytm, the ADM webpage works -- I used to be able to do it if I just googled "find my phone" and now I can't, but this extra step makes it work.
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