See bigger photos on my Tumblr dashboard?
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I use Tumblr mainly to see cool photographs, but Tumblr insists on displaying them using only a tiny fraction of my screen. Here's an example of how my timeline looks. So much wasted space! Is there any way to make the photos in my timeline bigger as a default?

Note that I n
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Response by poster: Urg. Sorry about the "More inside." It was meant to be "Note that I am not asking about resizing the images on my Tumblr blog -- just the images I'm seeing from other blogs on my timeline."
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Best answer: "Ctrl/Command" + "+"
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Try browsing '' for Tumblr themes. Install the addon for Firefox or Chrome, then search for an install particular scripts.

I glanced briefly and found a few scripts that altered image widths. Then you can edit the script yourself to change the widths to whatever you want. There may be a theme/script there already that does what you want, but if not, tweak your own.
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Response by poster: Thanks, humboldt32! That did the trick.

(And thanks, 0bvious. I'm slightly nervous about a plugin that "can read and change all your data on websites you visit" but it's a good option to know about.)
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The plugin isn't sending your data elsewhere though, and certainly not your login and username etc. I think that's bad description on their part of what the plugin does. It's pretty benign.

ctrl + also changes the text size, which in my opinion starts the look really messy.
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On Chrome, I use the Imagus extension (edit: also on Firefox). A moment (you can set the delay) after putting the mouse cursor over an image or video it creates a mouseover with the image in much larger sizer (scaled to a reasonable size according to your browser window), and from there, you can hit ctrl+s to save the image, z to see it in fullsize, or flip it and rotate it with the QWER keys. It supports a lot of sites, tumblr included, with the bonus of not changing text or anything else in the page.
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