Where to buy (online): art books, unique books, limited pressings, etc
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What are some good online stores that sell artist's books, books with unusual bindings, limited/numbered editions of books, broadsides... anything related to 'books as art/objects' I guess. I'm not looking for first editions or signed copies of "normal" books. Thanks!
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You might be interested in Publication Studio. It's a collective of small publishing shops scattered around the world, and some of their books are pretty unusual.
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Maybe try Artsy?
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Kitty Marayatt teaches at Scripps College in Pomona, California and is owner of Two Hands Press. Every semester she teaches a bookmaking class that makes a unique book based on a theme chosen by the class. You can see and buy the books online at scripps.edu. Kitty has a very devoted following of collectors, so many of the books may be already sold. She's a wealth of knowledge on artist books as well.
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Printed Matter in NYC specializes in artist's books.
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McSweeney's books specifically the Quarterly Concern, tend to be very interesting from a physical-object standpoint: interesting die cuts, dust jackets that unfold into things, "books" that appear to be a collection of mail, etc. And they're not super expensive.
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