Help me plan a day in Buenos Aires and a day in Montevideo
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I'm going to be in Buenos Aires and in Montevideo in July and will have a day in each city. I'd appreciate suggestions about what do see and do during my brief visit. Not a night owl but otherwise open to anything. Highly proficient in Spanish. Thanks!
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A day is not enough! But you know that ;)

If I had a day to spend in Buenos Aires (where I Iived for a few months as an undergrad) I would probably focus on a few things in one neighborhood rather than racing all over the city to sightsee.

Like maybe Palermo. Where they have a great concentration of museums.

And some antique/curio shops where you may find treasures or taxidermied what-nots.

If you're a meat eater, EAT A CHUNK OF CARNE ASADA (also good in Montevideo). And drink some red wine.

Look at the pretty colors of La Boca if you have time - it's not too far and you can stop by the Plaza de Mayo on your way.

If you can still stay up, get yourself to a peña.
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Old Town Montevideo. Just wander around.
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I once spent a day in Monte and the main thing I remember was the Meat Market - great if you're a carnivore.
I posted an Ask looking for suggestions before going to BA, and there's a great answer among them from lois1950. It was (unbelievably!) 12 years ago, but I think a lot of the things mentioned will still be valid.
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In Montevideo, linger at Palacio Salvo - you can even stay there. (Oh, and: if you come across a bottle of the unusual Tannat-Viognier blend from Alto de la Ballena - it's good stuff!)
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There's plenty to do in Montevideo, but it would be useful to know if you are going to be here on a weekend or not and what kind of activity you enjoy the most.

Definitely go fo a walk to the Rambla.

Also :
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