What are resources that anti-Trump individuals and groups can use?
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What are useful resources for the anti-Trump resistance in New York, Atlanta, LA, and St. Louis? I'm looking for organizations, materials, partners, trainings, guides, resources, apps, calendars, directories, and anything that would be helpful for groups or individuals working against Trump and the Republicans.

I'm looking as broadly as possible for anything that might be of help for folks resisting the right wing. Some examples of what I'm looking for: Gateway Region Action Medics (GRAM), NLG NYC Request a Legal Observer, Los Angeles Indymedia: Activist News, We Are New York Values, Copwatch of East Atlanta, Stop and Frisk Watch App, etc. etc.

Basically anything, however broadly defined, that would be helpful for folks organizing, protesting, resisting, against Trump and the Republicans.
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Not location-specific, but have you used Resist-Bot? Text "resist" to 504-09 and it prompts you to write out whatever you want to say to your representatives, then it composes that in a letter, formats it, and faxes them. It's pretty great! (It's free, run off of donations, so even if you don't need them to write letters for you, you could send them a few bucks if you want to help.)
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The ACLU's Mobile Justice app records video and then automatically sends it to the ACLU, so even if LEOs take away your phone the video is preserved and the ACLU checks if there is something actionable. They have different apps for different (but not all) states, but I think you can use it regardless of where you are.
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The Indivisible Guide.
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Take Action NYC!
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Another from the ACLU, they have a whole Know Your Rights section that covers specific situations from ICE raids to your rights at the airport.
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