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There's the Rihanna/Lupita heist movie that started on Tumblr & Twitter, and this ad-hoc collab between Pat Rothfuss, Chuck Tingle, Neil Gaiman, BPAL, and others that took place on Twitter. What other collaborative projects between seemingly disconnected public figures have come about because of social media?

The Vox article about the Rihanna/Lupita movie has some examples of media that was created based on some other thing that went viral. But what made that movie especially notable was that the 4 main collaborators (Rihanna, Lupita, Ava DuVernay, Issa Rae) connected over this on Twitter thanks to fans pulling them into it. So without Twitter that movie may not have happened. Same thing with the Tingler - it's the result of a bunch of people you wouldn't expect to have much to do with each other chiming in on a Twitter discussion, some (like BPAL) joining in because a fan told them to do it.

What other examples are there of creative people or public figures connecting with each other and developing a project over social media? Or even a public figure live-collabing with someone not so famous and creating something together?

The main thing I'm looking for here is that you could see the discussion and collaboration over this happen live (through replies, reblogs, comments, whatever) - it wasn't a backroom kinda thing. And the more dissonant the participants, the better.
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Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer met on twitter and have generated some creative projects (among other things) together.
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I think musician John Darnielle and director Rian Johnson are friends IRL, but the song "The Ultimate Jedi Who Wastes All the Other Jedi and Eats Their Bones" did start with some of their tweets egging each other on.
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What other examples are there of creative people or public figures connecting with each other and developing a project over social media?

I'm not 100% sure but I think Wil Wheaton, Paul and Storm, and Adam Savage all sort of got together over Twitter and eventually started w00tstock.

Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live thanks to a bunch of people suggesting it on Facebook.

I don't know if Tina Fey would have played Sarah Palin on SNL if it wasn't for the internet basically leaving her with no choice. This was a bit before social media took off but it did happen on the internet.

I remember seeing Patton Oswalt say that his daughter wanted to be Dr. Octagon for Halloween and having no clue how to do it until Adam Savage chimed in over Twitter offering to build him a costume. Eventually there were photos.
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Nothing has happened yet, but I predict that something will eventually come of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lin-Manuel Miranda bonding on Twitter.
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Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney met on twitter before developing the show "Catastrophe" (which everyone should definitely watch if you haven't already)
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