ID that indie song: Newcastle pub edition
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On Monday night, I found myself in a pub in Newcastle that seemed to be playing nothing but classic British indie from the late '90s to mid 2000s. The Coral, Athlete, The Zutrons, a bit of early Coldplay. One of the tracks didn't make that much of an impression on me at the time, but now I have to know what it was.

It sounded like a classic slab of guitar-based indie psychedelia, a bit shoegazy, male vocalist. The refrain went something like "here comes that rain again, ooooh-ooh, oooh-ooh, OOOOH-ooh." Major chords, ascending mostly, with the second "oohs" a third lower or so. In terms of musical style and melodic content, I'd compare it to (ironically enough) The Aliens, I Am the Unknown.

I wasn't paying much attention to British indie in the early 2000s, so there are huge gaps in my knowledge of songs from this period. But now I have to know: what on earth was this song?
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Could it have been a cover of The Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again? Here's a bit from the original which kinda matches your description of the vocals. There's a list of cover versions on SecondHandSongs, and plenty of those are available on Spotify, if you have an account.
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Pulp has a song that goes "here comes the fear again oooh ooh."
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I don't think this is right, stylistically, but right time period and "rain" in the lyrics: Travis, Why Does it Always Rain on Me?
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The description of the band (and especially the fact that it's pub background music) suggest Brum's finest: Ocean Colour Scene. Possibly it's The Day We Caught the Train, because it's got the oohs and the trains, but it's not precisely in the chorus.
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There Goes the Fear by Doves, maybe?
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beck maybe? he oohs and is pretty spacey?
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Here Comes that Rain Again - The Pilgrims maybe?
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Seeing as you said Aliens, was it The Beta Band, Dry The Rain
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Cracking songs all, but none of them is the song in question. I guess I'll just hit some Spotify playlists and see if it comes up.
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