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It seems fairly easy to find interesting intermediate-to-advanced video tutorials for oil painting. However when I look for acrylic painting tutorials I find mostly beginner-level videos and things along the lines of "how to paint a specific object," usually not from life. Lots of things that remind me of the new "paint and sip" classes which aren't about making your own color selections. I'm looking for great acrylic painting tutorials.

I've found the Will Kemp Art School videos and while those are definitely more like what I'm looking for in terms of seriousness, but quite long and lot of just watching him work.

I enjoy looking at oil painting tutorials but they are not interchangeable with acrylic painting in my experience.

I love the Art Prof videos which I discovered through the MeFi post. These are perfect for me. I love the talking, the way they are edited so that I don't spend 5 minutes watching the background get filled in, and the way that though she talks a lot everything she says is to the point and I never feel that she's just rambling. For some reason things I've heard a dozen times have really clicked after watching these videos. However, they have no acrylics videos.

So MeFites, please share with me:

* Awesome acrylics painting tutorials which are well-edited and intended for serious learners
* Anything at all that is as awesome as Art Prof, regardless of medium.
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Response by poster: Also welcome: tips on refining my search terms to get better results.
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Bunderful, I worked for a well known art materials manufacturer that makes two very well known acrylic brands for artists. If you have technical questions about working with media, color mixing, brushes, grounds, varnishes, memail me and I will be happy to answer materials and techniques queries.
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She does more in watercolor than acrylics, but I have found Lindsay Weirich's tutorials to be great -- she explains her color choices, her tools, the effect she's going for, and her technique in a very clear and enjoyable way. Some people find her manner a little perky but honestly I think that's instutionalized misogyny at work, not to put too fine a point on it. Anyway she has lots of tutorials in acrylics even if they aren't her main focus, including several live paint-alongs that show the entire process start to finish.
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Response by poster: Thanks effluvia - I appreciate the offer and may take you up on it.

KathrynT - thanks for the link. Her style is more in the "how to paint a specific thing" camp than in the "how to plan a painting and approach values, composition and color starting with a thumbnail sketch" camp. It's hard for me to find the words for the distinction between the two groups of tutorials that I'm seeing.

I've been hunting for tutorials for months and naturally right after I posted I realized that I would get better results if I added some terms to my searches like "plein air" or "layering."
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Oh if that's more or what you're after, maybe check out the composition and design forum at WetCanvas. Even if you can't find exactly what you're looking for there, those folks would be great people to point you in the direction of what you need.
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Response by poster: This is the type of thing I was hoping to find:
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