The quest for the perfect dress
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I recently became obsessed with a certain dress that Shoshanna wears in an important episode of Girls (image is a bit of a season 6 spoiler). I've found the original, but it's out of my price range, so I'm looking for a reasonable facsimile.

This is the dress in question. Here it is available at Neiman Marcus for a cool $583. I found and bought this dress but though I usually fit a medium it was too small, and there's no larger size available. I also love this one from the same site, but it's sold out.

What I MUST HAVE in this dress:
- Lace/crochet overlay
- Bandeau/skirt combo underneath, not a sheath dress
- High neck

I also like, but am willing to compromise:
- 3/4 sleeves
- Midi length

Things I do not need:
- White color (in fact, I'd prefer it in another color as I'd love to wear it to weddings)
- $583 price tag (since I know I'm being particular, let's just aim for a lower price than that)

I'm willing to consider putting together a bandeau, skirt, and lace overlay dress - if this is the best route in your opinion I'd love specific links to pieces that would work well together.
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Best answer: Would this work?
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Just FYI, the original is also available to rent.
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these were fun to look for! black pink navy
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This exact question was on Jezebel recently!
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Response by poster: With the ASOS suggestion I poked around and found this dress (on sale!) I got it yesterday and really like it. Thanks all!
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