Any such thing as a free DVD/CD writing software?
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Any such thing as a free DVD/CD writing software for Windows?

What I'd really like is an application that works a lot like Nero in its CD/DVD burning functions but free. It should be easy to use, have the ability to burn DVD movies, data DVDs, data CDs, Audio CDs, and Dual Layer support would be a plus. Also it should support newish drives with support for the latest drives always getting attention.

I believe DVD Decrypter could do this, but it's been acquired by Macrovision Europe and distribution has been ended. So far I've found ImgBurn (which apparently is by the folks that brought us DVD Decrypter), DeepBurner (the free version doesn't do DVD video), and CDBurnerXP Pro (may not do DVD video nor support the drive in question). None of them meet my requirements.
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The free version of DeepBurner is ok.
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Jesus Christ I'm dumb today.
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I am yet to test this, and the page is a bit vague about DVD support, but you could try: this micro-burner thingy
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Yep. Check this link for a list of free stuff that won't kill you with spyware.
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how about this?
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gheez... apparently im dumb today too.
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CD BurnerXP Pro will indeed burn DVD video, but you've probably tested that or read the features page on that site, right?
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DeepBurner does burn DVD Video, all you have to do is make sure the DVD Video has been authored and available in a VIDEO_TS folder.

If you're looking for a free DVD authoring tool, there's DVDAuthor with a guide
here and IFOEdit
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