Blog post about internals of United 'drag off' incident ?
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Sometime soon after the United Airlines 'drag the passenger off the plane' incident I read a very interesting blog post about United's contractual arrangements with the company who was actually operating the flight on in question (looked like it was United but in reality they had a contract with another company to provide the planes and fly them on that route). I would really like to find that article again so I'm hoping my rather vague description will allow someone to tell me. More inside.

It was long and detailed.

It referred to filings that United had made either with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or the US Federal Aviation Administration (can't remember which) in respect of the contractual arrangement they had entered into with the other company to operate the flight in question.

There were also an explanation of why, in strict contractual terms, the choice of who should be allowed to travel on the flight in question might not have been United's but instead the other party who was operating the flight.

The same blogger had other posts on their site which discussed how large companies in San Francisco provide a private bus service for their staff and how, in the view of the writer, this was not a good idea as it undermined support for the public bus service.

So ... that's what I can remember. Anyone recognise this ?
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I'm sure it's this:
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Yes that's it, thank you very much.
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