I moved all my pictures. How do I tell Lightroom?
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I had lightroom (v2). Then I didn't have lightroom (I don't remember why..HD format and never replaced?). Then I ran out of room on my main hard drive so I moved my pictures folder from my C drive to and external drive D. Now I'm installing lightroom (v5) again. It loaded my backed up catalog, but this is looking for my pics on the C drive and thinks my pictures are all missing. How do I point it to the D drive?

Folder structure and file names are identical. So the pictures are in D:\users\username\pictures\ (subfolders) . Lightroom is looking in C:\users\username\my documents\ my pictures\(subfolders).

I tried clicking "this photo is missing" which gives me an option to locate it with an option to also "find nearby missing photos" which I thought was my one shot solution. I navigate to the right place and select the right picture, but it says "there are no pictures in this folder" and that's the end of that.

Yes, I know that you're supposed to use Lightroom to move the pictures. I tried moving the pics *back* to C so I could then use lightroom to move them to D, but I don't have anywhere near enough room on the C drive to do this.

So how do I fix this?
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Of course, 30 seconds after posting my question (really, don't let the few minutes elapses before commenting fool you..I had to go something else), I figured it out. Right click on the top-level folder on the left side in the folders tab thing. Select "Update Folder Location." Pics appeared instantly.

And there goes my question for the week.
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Did you try right-clicking on the top folder in the Lightroom folders tree display and hitting "Update folder location..."?
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