What brand of shower handle is this?
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The handle in my shower broke. In order to buy a replacement, I need to know the brand of the original. Unfortunately, there's no name on it anywhere. Can you help me identify it from the logo on the front?

I am aware that universal parts exist, but for whatever reason the only brand I could find at a nearby hardware store does not fit my shower. Not sure if it's because my shower is a special snowflake or because the part was flawed in some way, but that's not an option here.
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Delta, here you go.
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DANCO replacement handle for a Moen faucet.
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That would appear to be the exact part that broke! Thank you, JoeZydeco.
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MOEN has a very very good lifetime warranty on their parts. I'd consider giving them a call before you pay for any new parts. They replaced my entire kitchen sink faucet, no questions asked, when it broke last year.
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I bought a Danco faucet... thing... the spout that goes over the pipe for filling the tub. I will never buy another Danco product as long as I live. In addition to not fitting the standard pipe due to loose manufacturing tolerances, it was also badly engineered.
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