Vintage Canon Camera Question. Looking for specific case for Canon F1.
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Canon produced two faux leather holster cases for the Canon F1 SLR (1971). I'm looking for the the case that fits the 50/55mm f. 1.2. Unfortunately I cannot find a resource that will tell me the model number for the case, and most of the online used retailers do not designate between the two. I've included a Ebay post, for reference, after the jump. Please help.

I've looked at various camera wikis and other online recourses to no avail.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Response by poster: I'm hoping someone will know the model number for the case itself.
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The f/1.2 lens is going to be a larger diameter (and rarer) than the f/1.4 and the f/1.8. So, when you're looking at cases, you might look at the front of the case where the Canon logo is, if there's more space to the left and right of the logo then it's probably for the f/1.2.

Also, I would send messages to every seller of that kind of case and ask them any markings, numbers, etc on the leather case. Just tell them that you want to make sure it works for your camera. After a while you should get an idea of which one will fit your camera.

Where are you getting the information that Canon produced two cases?
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Response by poster: @gregr I was looking at a PDF of the manual for the F1. As I expected, it contains a section devoted to accessories. It lists both cases yet it does not denote model numbers. Thank you for the suggestion.
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