Can you identify these songs?
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I'm really into this mixtape, but there's no accompanying tracklist and messaging its creator hasn't produced any results. Song-matching services have been helpful, but I still can't identify the songs at 0:00, 3:46, 7:38, 38:08 and 47:33. Can you help?

Here's the full tracklist (pieced together with the help of song-matching services) for those interested:

0:00 unknown
3:46 unknown
5:11 Glass - Sagittarius
7:38 unknown
11:08 Place I Know/Kid Like You - Arthur Russell
14:37 Future Primitive (The Go! Team Remix) - Papercuts
17:37 Haenim - Kim Jung Mi
23:43 Want You To Know - Rotary Connection
26:45 Fleur de lune - Françoise Hardy
29:48 Down Narrow Streets - Mark Fry
32:42 Final - Alternate Version (From “C’era una Volta”) - Piero Piccioni
34:31 Kobwebz - Gonjasufi
36:30? Yagmur - Erkin Koray
38:08 unknown
41:04 The Best of It - Thorinshield
43:29 Track Five - The Gaslamp Killer
47:33 unknown
50:24 Here’s Where You Belong - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
53:08 Meu Nome E Gal - Gal Costa
56:32 Manchester - Justin Velor
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Siri says that the second one is Serge Gainsbourg & Michel Colombier - Champêtre et pop 2
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Siri says that the third one is Collage - Mets Neidude Vahel
She says the fourth one is Tim Maia - Pelo amor de Deus

She doesn't know the first one or last one, sorry.
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Response by poster: Thanks Toddles and Siri!

I really like the first one. Virtual hugs for whoever can find it.
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I'm not sure if it helps, but the lyrics of the first song appear to be referencing the Welsh poem Preiddeu Annwfn (Boiled was the cauldron, by the breath of the nine muses...)
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Whyte Horses is essentially Dom Thomas (@dominicthomas).
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Response by poster: Mm yep scruss, unfortunately he doesn't seem to be much inclined to respond to messages though (I've asked after lyrics for his original songs before).

That's really interesting dilaudid, seems to me to make it more likely that it's a British singer (specifically Welsh especially), but at the same time they seem to sing in an accented voice at some points. Is anyone else picking that up, and if so do you recognise what accent it is?
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Not finding the first one exactly but I'm so excited about having learned Welsh psych-folk was a thing and Welsh psych-folk revival too around 2005. I have a feeling this track is revival but I'm not 100% certain.
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