Name that choral piece!
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I am looking for the name/composer of a frequently-heard piece of classical female choral music.

Since I have no technical musical knowledge, here is a description:

No instruments, AFAIK.
Very ethereal, kind of Cocteau Twins-y.
Name may have something to do with Muses.
Last heard in a PBS promo "Be More Passionate" with tacky drum sample overlaid.
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Would it be possible for you to hum it and record that?
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Best answer: Dome Epais Le Jasmin (Flower Duet)? Listen to samples at -- often remixed into electronic, dance cuts --

Joan Sutherland -- sample #6

Luminaire -- samples #1 -4.

Other samples at iTunes.
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If that's it -- 'Dôme épais le jasmin' is from the opera 'Lakmé' by Léo Delibes (1883). The song gained popularity when British Airways selected it for their commercials. It has been used in the soundtracks of many films.
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Response by poster: Dome Epais it is-- thanks!
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AskMe continues to blow me away. From that description, I figured NO ONE would be able to get it right.
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I'm so glad that you asked this, everichon. I've been wondering the same thing myself for YEARS. A friend put the song on a mix tape for me a long time ago, and I'd always thought it was beautiful, but the version he put on my mix was especially exquisite. Now I'll know what to ask him for.

Thanks, AskMe!
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