How to spend the night before the eclipse this August in Jackson WY?
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My partner and I are flying into Jackson, WY the day before the solar eclipse this August. We're really excited to check it out the next day but are behind the curve in planning things so there is absolutely no lodging available around there for the night. Everything I've checked has no vacancies and the few things left on airbnb are >$1000.

We're not campers (yet!) so showing up to a campsite is a tough option, plus all of those are taken by now and first-come options will also likely be taken by the time we land in the evening.

Seems like our best option at this point is to spend the night in Grand Teton National Park and try to sleep in the car until the morning until we can find a spot to wait for the eclipse!

Anyone have any better ideas?
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Granite hot springs camp ? may have a spot .
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So I just listened to the Every Little Thing podcast episode about this very thing.

I know they had mentioned some eclipse chasers and various caravan groups and such and some of the forums they coordinate on. Might be a good starting point for people making that journey!
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You might look for lodging over Teton Pass in Victor or Driggs, ID. From the town of Jackson, Victor is only about an hour drive, and it provides a gorgeous view of Jackson hole in its own right.

Have you looked into renting a camper van rather than a regular car?

If you wind up totally stuck, memail me. I have friends in the area and could ask around for spare guest rooms, too
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