Limos and music in Boston?
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We've got a couple last details to work out for our wedding in May in Boston. What we really need is a limo and someone to play classical guitar for our ceremony. Finding either of these isn't hard, what we really want is recommendations to try to narrow down the field to ones that people have had good experiences with.
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Can't help you with the the guitar, but for the limo check out Commonwealth Limo. I used them at my last company, brought them to my current one, and have never once had a problem. They're at or 617-787-5575.
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Contact the Boston Musicians' Assocation, which is your local chapter of the American Federation of Musicians -- essentially the musicians' union.

Your local chapter represents the finest musicians in your area, symphony, opera, festivals, university professors, etc. By going though the union you'll have a chance to sample countless demo CDs, hear personal recommendations from the office staff and access to a standard union contract that protects both you and the musician.

Here is BMA's online resource.
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