Who made this sculpture? What exactly were they going for?
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I was out at Grounds for Sculpture in the West Windsor, NJ area, with my family, and came across this sculpture [nude sculpture may be NSFW for you?]. It was in the "Meadow" area which looked to be half-under renovation, and it had no plaque or label. I joked about how awkward it was to walk past it with sweet Midwesterners on vacation in an LGBTQ facebook group, and a couple people wondered if it might have been made with immature or even transphobic intent. Anyone familiar with this work? Googling isn't turning up much.

Text description for better search:

The statue is a cage, containing a sculpture of a human body. Above the waist, it is a green and petite female nude with bare breasts. Below the waist, it is a quite large male nude, in a dark bronze or even shiny black color with a flaccid penis.
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That was fast! I suck at googling things.
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Wasn't google - I went straight to the GFS website. They catalog every piece on their website.
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(But yeah, "contrasting" boobs and dicks and characterizing it as an "anomaly" definitely perpetuates transphobia, regardless of the artist's intent. Lots of women in my life have boobs and dicks, and uh it's not a "symbolic polar opposition", it's just how some women's bodies are.)
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To be clear, I am one of those women, so yeah, it was awkward.
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I dunno, maybe one ought be more cautious about reading the blurb - a few differences in emphasis and it hints at something more sophisticated. Plus the fact that the whole thing is in a cage.
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As a trans person I saw this and thought, "Oooh, yeah." It's an anomaly and contrasting in the sense that two bodies of very different sizes have been squished together, making a person's inner conflict external and literal. The person is in a cage, representing their own repression or society boxing them in or perhaps both. The piece does seem edgy for a park that apparently rents itself out for weddings and kiddie tours and stuff, but I think it's not transphobic at all and I really like it. I walk around feeling like that statue pretty much every day.
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