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Hi MeFi, I'm trying to think up a good gift for my sister-in-law's birthday. We live abroad and she'll be visiting us with two of her kids just after her b-day. She's had many Tough Life Things lately (relationship, money, kid stress, etc.) so I'd like to do something to pamper her a little bit. Difficulty: she will have her kids with her!

My original idea was to give her a brunch certificate so she and my partner could catch up and she could have a little time to herself; however, she said the kids wouldn't want to be away from her. I thought about a massage certificate or similar in her homeland but I know it will be hard for her to use (childcare issues) and it might also seem strange as we don't give presents to other siblings. I also don't want to make it seem as if we're pitying her because of her Tough Life Things, as she has not spoken with us too much about them, though I know they are many and serious.

What might I be able to do for her while she's visiting us, that would pamper her a bit but also let her (9 and 12 y.o.) kids be present? Budget is ~$40-50.
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Would the kids enjoy getting manicures or pedicures too? Could pay to have them all done at a place near you (you'll have to look to find a place that will do three for $50 that is clean, but they exist, at least in my town.)

Also, I would wait on this and see how the kids are when she gets there and they've had a chance to get used to you. My guess is that barring something very strange, the kids will be fine hanging out at your place while she goes out and gets a massage or pedicure or whatever at a place near you.

As far as it being weird because you don't give gifts to other siblings, don't overthink that. Giving a gift to someone who is visiting you is totally its own thing.
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What about a pedicure in a mall? Someone can shop with kids (or lunch at food Court) but they are near enough that checking in would be easy.

Otherwise, I'd hit a Khiels for a their fantastic hand cream and some samples of other cool things. Pampering of the every day kind.
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I wonder if there's somewhere you could take the kids where they could have fun themselves, but your sister-in-law and your partner could also sit and talk together, and you could kind of run interference when the kids needed something. So not pampering exactly for your sister-in-law, but space for her and your partner to visit.

In the US, the place I would go for this is one of those crazy inflatables places -- like this (random link found on Google to give the idea). I went to one of these once with a friend and her kids, and the kids played for about 90 minutes while my friend and I chatted. It was a dreary setting for us, but the kids had a fantastic time and I got to talk with my friend un-interrupted! Maybe there's something like that near you, or a kids program in a museum, where you could be the hands-on adult, and your SIL and partner could hang back a bit.
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For $50 you could put together a great package of spa things that could be used whenever there's time and wouldn't need to be maintained (it can be a bummer when a nice manicure gets chipped and then you need to find time to take off the polish and as nice as it feels to get a manicure it's such a buzzkill to have to take it off or watch it fall apart).

My suggestion to include the kids is to get a bunch of sheet masks and do them as a family! They're not gender specific as a beauty treatment, they look HILARIOUS, they're inexpensive so you can easily buy enough for a crowd for under $50 and then all make brunch together while admiring your glowing skin.
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Oooooh, they make sheet masks with faces on them now, at least here in Japan! Maybe check Sephora first and if they don't have any, look on ebay and buy through a highly-rated seller. ( is way overpriced.)
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Take everybody to the movies - a matinee, and spring for movie candy or popcorn if you can. Or head to a children's museum or science museum - entry can be pricey and the kids can run around and get tired while you talk.
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Thank you for the suggestions! The manicure idea is great but will unfortunately be out of my price range. I marked the movie and inflatable place as best as I think they will provide a way for my SIL to have a bit of time that feels like her own. Thanks again!
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