This dress, but less expensive
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I love this dress, which I tried on in the store (no belt in the store). But $150 for what is essentially a big comfy sack is completely ridiculous. Where can I get a dress like this - soft fabric, cut small enough for my petite frame (I tried on and liked the XS but could go smaller), basic black? I really like the shape, with longer sides, particularly. I was also easily able to layer a shirt over it, or under it, when I tried it on.
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Is there a Monki anywhere near you? (I think they sell a limited stock on Asos if not). They specialise in roomy, drapey 'structural' dresses and are much more between a H&M-Topshop price range. They have nice patterned stuff but also a lot of black and neutral colours?
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Lucy has a bunch of dresses that are similar and cost under $100, plus you can get $10 if you sign up for their "newsletter".
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I just found this place last night (on Shark Tank of all places - don't judge!). They have a lot of really cute dresses, and some of their black dresses might work... Maybe the first one or the last one on that page?
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I have a black dress from Target that I got there last summer that is very similar - Target calls it "shark bite" hem. They do have some this year as well, though I don't know if you'll find a solid black. This is similar to the one I have, though this one has thin stripes.
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Old Navy?
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How about this dress? I think they describe it as a tunic, but it looks like a dress to me.
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Searching for "handkerchief hem" could help.

If you know anyone who sews you might be able to commission one, it looks fairly easy to make. Basically 4 triangular-ish panels of fabric would do it. The hem shape is most likely such that, if you were to lay the dress out completely flat, the bottom would go straight across (where your average skirt is rounded to fall to the same length on all sides.) The one linked above is made so that each panel comes to a point at the bottom, but I've seen it done either way.
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Yala makes really soft, comfortable dresses. Like this one!
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