In search of the perfect bag (or a knockoff of one)
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Can you help me find a medium crossbody bag that is similar to Lululemon's "festival bag"?

I'm not the biggest fan of Lululemon's clothing for a variety of reasons, but I do love their bags - they hold up well for all kinds of wear, the straps don't hurt my shoulders, and are cleverly designed for function - and attractive to boot. I'm *almost* tempted to buy one for 2x the price on Ebay, but would love to find a similar substitute for everyday wear for a less than outrageous price.

I like the relatively clean & attractive look, understated hardware, "pretty" yet very functional, and enough to fit a decent number of things in it. Is anything similar out there?
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Rickshaw? Super high quality (better than LLL I believe).
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The Baggallini Helsinki has been a fantastic medium crossbody for me in terms of aesthetics and functionality (many pockets, size, 'purselike' thing from the perspective of museums & concert halls but can hold an 11" MacBook Air) and the build quality is great.
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MZ Wallace, especially the Paige or Bailey.
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Kipling has a large selection of crossbody bags that hit the same casual-but-not-too-backpacky spot. (LeSportsac covers similar territory, but I wish they were a bit more durable for the price.)

I recently went looking for an everyday crossbody and got one from Sloane Ranger, and I've been really happy with it. It's not insanely pockety or anything but it's a great size, neither too sporty nor too dressy, good quality, and cheap.
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Tom Bihn Sidekick? It's a little hard for me to judge relative size. I would expect a TB bag to outlast a Lululemon bag by ages.
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MEC makes one that's a little bigger than the Sidekick. From experience, the MEC stuff isn't flashy, but it's functional, comfortable and utterly bomb-proof. I've got one MEC bag that's now 30 years old.
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Haiku Bags hold up really well. I've had two of the To-Go Convertible and both withstood years of abuse. Lots of pockets. Can hold one million things (I've taken long weekend trips on Spirit with just this bag).
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It's entirely likely that I'm missing some non-obvious bit of style, but Timbuk2 makes a number of similar bags.
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I cannot name a specific brand, but I see similar bags at TJ Maxx often.
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Crumpler might have something. They have stores in the US so you don't have to order from Australia.
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