Accent lighting with garlands
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In Madrid, my wife and I found a delightful lighting store offering make-your-own garlands, where colored paper balls covered LED lights on a string. Is there anything similar to this available in the States?

The store offered lots of colored, hollow balls that you would stick onto the string of LED lights (like a Christmas light string, but the spacing was wider and the wires were transparent). Unfortunately, they only offered EU plugs and the strings ran on 230V, so we didn't want to bring it back to the states and always have to use a plug adapter to have the lights on.

Is there any store in the U.S. which offers a similarly customizable string of lights?

Alternatively, does anyone know if it's possible to find a string of 20 LEDs with similar spacing (5") and lead space from the plug (at least 4 feet?)
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Bright Lab appears to be what you are looking for, they have a create your own option as well. They have this description: "The 24 Count Strand is 5 feet length of balls with a 5 foot cord and plug. The 48 Count Strand is 10 feet length of balls with a 5 foot cord and plug." Note: I have not ordered from them.
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la case de cousin paul is a French company, but their customizable string lights are available in the US. A friend of mine owns a string of their lights that she customized, and they're beautiful.

I believe the colored balls they use are sourced from Thailand, so that's another direction you might try looking in for the balls themselves.

For the led string lights, I've seen outdoor lights / patio lights with the spacing and lead space that you're describing, so you might have luck looking for the lights at a garden / hardware store (e.g. Home Depot).
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LED light strands are easy to find on Amazon and elsewhere. The tiny ones often have clear wire covering. You can use ping pong balls as covers. Cut a slit in ping pong ball, slip over light. I have not done this, but I did use silk flowers in a similar way - easy and looked nice.

I see string lights with white ball covers pretty often. A little dye or watercolor paint should work.
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Your 'more inside' info seems to focus only on the LEDs, but because of the link-picture and mention of make-your-own, some more commentary on the 'colored paper balls' -- I don't think they're paper, they look like they're made of thread, or string. See this tutorial, Craft the Classic Decoration for a Glue Yarn Ball on how to DIY.
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Inspired by Miss Matheson's post I actually bought a string of lights (Leaves of Grass) from Bright Lab. A++ would buy again (especially if they offer the 48-ball strings--looks like they only have 24-ball at the moment). The balls are made of string/thread rather than paper. So there's a data point for you.
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