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The brilliant, whimsical, hippie, VP of my medical affairs department is retiring from biotech to pursue art school in San Francisco. We would like to get her a gift that we can personalize in some way - engrave, write on (as on the inside of a coffee table book.) Artists and others of MeFi, please suggest some great ideas for a gift!

We are already getting her a gift card to her favorite art store in SF. There are 7-8 of us that will be going in on this gift, so something in the area of $100-150 or a little bit more would be great. We can always add more on the gift card if the personal gift works out to less.

She is a yoga instructor, volunteers at a preschool, and does embroidery.

Thanks much!
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Gift certificate for a sewing shop. I would say Craft Haven Collective or Britex in SF.
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One of those wooden artist's drawing models?
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I went to art school in SF too. If she's relocating from anywhere or will be commuting across the bridge, a nice windbreaker or fleece (which you could monogram) - the weather can vary dramatically throughout the day and from East Bay to the city.

I would go with a really nice and tough backpack, messenger bag, or art portfolio (like here) and monogram it. My courses all had required studio hours which made the time commitment more like a science degree than humanities - you end up spending really long days (and nights) at school and hauling a day (or more) worth of snacks, sweaters, and other junk. You also ended up hauling around giant bulky pads of drawing paper (A0?) and the like, and those portfolios with handles are super handy. Monogramming is practical for these because everyone has one and they all sort of look alike. Something nicer than she'd buy for herself and water proof or water resistant (transporting drawings in the rain and all that).

Noise cancelling headphones for the library or filtering out shared studio space or roommates.

Gift certificate to nearby café.
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Hooray! Which school? = )

I'm sure you wouldn't go wrong with a personalized/monogrammed pencil roll, or if you really want to go all out, the Moleskin Smart Writing Set or a Wacom tablet.
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Monogrammed portfolio!!!
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if you wanted to go with the messenger bag idea, I can recommend these Timbuk2 bags - they are very durable and customizable and neat.
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