Is your Whole Foods declining in quality recently?
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Let me acknowledge at the outset that this is an incredibly "First World" problem, but I am curious about others' experiences ... Have you noticed that the prepared foods/hot bar/salad bar at Whole Foods seems to have gone downhill in quality over the past few years? I used to go in there and find a million ready-to-eat things that looked delicious, now it's all just meh. Is this a case of familiarity breeds contempt, or have others also noticed a declining trend? Any idea why?
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Whole Foods is having problems, basically because every store sells organic food now, so it's probably a combination of lower turnover of prepared foods and cost cutting leading to lower quality. I totally agree, but I don't really shop there much anymore so it's not affected me much.
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Maybe a local thing? I live in Philly near the new flagship Whole Foods, but even before the new store did not notice a change in quality. We have a lot more options now, and I don't go very often, but a lot of options are the same things I got years ago and seem the same. My mom gets a lot from the salad/hot foods bar at the Whole Foods in the suburbs every Monday, and I'm very sure she would have noticed and stopped going if there were changes for the worse.
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I think it's also that the bar has been raised in general, high and low end. If you live near a big city, you've gone to markets with products and prices that will make you weep. And while Whole Foods was once the only place in the suburbs to get a decent baguette and a turkey that didn't taste like sawdust, even middle-of-the-road markets have that stuff now.
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There was a recent discussion on the Blue that might help give some insight.
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Yes, this has been the case at my Whole Foods.
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About 5 years ago I became horrifyingly nauseated for a week from a Whole Foods hot bar rice and beef stew thing. (And there was zero ambiguity about the cause. I was burping a ghastly rice/beef aftertaste for days.) I've never shopped there since and I'm even a little phobic about their logo. Just seeing it makes me get a hint of that stew taste in the back of my throat. It was that kind of food poisoning.
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That seems to be happening at Brooklyn's WF. The store has been getting slightly worse in other areas too - closing the juice bar, eliminating some bulk spices, getting rid of scales in the bulk section, etc.
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To support your thesis, I also think I got mild food poisoning from eating at a Whole Foods hot bar. IT WAS NOT OKAY.
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I have also noticed. In my area, WF has expanded quite a bit in the past 10 years or so. They bought out a local grocery chain and installed small-scale stores in those locations. Because every WF has to have some degree of "prepared food," I imagine that it must be difficult for the regional operations people to carefully calibrate how much hot/cold food each location is going to go through. Lower turnover -> food sitting around and getting crusty.

Agreeing with posters above that WF is in trouble. The fact that we as customers are seeing the fraying edges is a really bad sign.
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I'm not a Whole Foods frequent flier, but I was deeply disappointed (but, at least, not food poisoned) by the hot food bar at the White Plains (NY) store when I visited a week or so back. No visual appeal, grim / unexciting choices, stuff had been sitting there for a while (sauces / gravy congealing), and the sneeze guards were all occluded by age / grease / who knows so it was hard to see what was beneath them. Basically, ANY lunchtime steam table at any random deli in Midtown Manhattan would kick its a**.
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Yes. Just got a Whole Foods veggie platter for a party and it was Trader Joe's quality but at Whole Foods prices. This is in California where excellent fresh produce is stupid-abundant.
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Great. Just when my dumbass sleepy town is about to finally get a Whole Foods, Whole Foods jumps the shark.
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I haven't noticed that and my WF still has delectable fancy prepared foods daily.
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yup. I just moved back to Houston after living in Europe for a year and half. My local Houston Whole Foods hot bar was noticabely more boring (less selection, really basic food instead of interesting, creative recipes) than it was 1.5 years ago.
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