Help me ID a short story about swimming through a hole in a rock
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I remember a short story about a kid swimming underwater through a hole in a rock, or maybe underneath a rock.

This story would likely have been in some anthology book I had in the 1980s but I don't remember the story itself having anything in it that would date it to a particular time period. There was a kid who was on vacation on a foreign shore - I want to say he was a Brit vacationing in Spain? Anyway, all the local kids swim out to this big rock just off the shore and then take turns diving into the ocean and swimming through a hole in the rock. Eventually the subject of the story does it and the readers are subjected to a harrowing (okay harrowing to childhood-me) description of nearly drowning.

This just flashed into my head today after decades of not thinking about it, and as always I'm hoping you can help me ID it, and thank you in advance.
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Best answer: Doris Lessing, 'Through the Tunnel'
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I remember this from Junior Great Books!
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I also remember this - I think I probably heard it on the NPR program "Selected Shorts". I don't know more than that
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Response by poster: Thanks, Catseye. As is noted so frequently here: done in one. I'm continually astounded by this place.
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