Do you know of an excellent accent coach Mandarin->English in NYC?
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A friend of mine is a native mandarin speaker who can express her ideas completely, but cannot do so as naturally as she would like (meaning she can always say what she wants to say, but struggles to say it how a native speaker would, both in accent and delivery). I know there have to be tons of accent coaches in the city and I can google around for some, but I'm curious if anyone has one they can recommend... quality varies so heavily with these sorts of services.
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Does it need to be someone who also speaks Mandarin?
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Response by poster: greta: not per se! I guess I put that because I don't know if there are any coaches that specialize in various language pairs, since as a native english speaker studying mandarin myself, I can often understand why she makes the mistakes she does. My guess is that a good accent coach doesn't have to know the source language, though. Do you have someone in mind?
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My favorite for this is Rachel's English on Youtube.

This is a fantastic resource to help with accent reduction. I can't recommend this channel highly enough.
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