HELP! My cat may have swallowed an adderall pill
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While putting together my weekly multivitamin/pill case, I was distracted by the sound of cat B knocking something over in the kitchen. I went to investigate clean up and became distracted for 10 minutes; in that time it appears that cat A may have gone in my room and stolen an adderall pill.

I am not 100% positive if the adderall pill was in this exact place, but I'm pretty sure I put it there and it was missing. There were 2 other pills there and the adderall was the only one that's missing. So either I forgot to place it, or the cat stole and may have swallowed it.

How much should I be panicking? This was about 20-30 minutes ago and cat appears normal. Not sure if I should try to induce vomiting or go to vet immediately. Pill was 10 MG XR generic adderall. Googling has failed me.

Please help save my cat!
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You should certainly call your vet now and ask these questions. For reference. Do not try to treat your cat without first calling your vet.
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Step 1: Look EVERYWHERE for the pill. Something like a pill can skitter very far from it's original location when knocked onto a smooth kitchen floor. Look with the intention of finding it. Look EVERYWHERE!
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Thanks for the replies, about to contact vet. Looking for pill now! To further complicate matters, I'm not sure if it was cat A or B but thinking likely A based upon timeline and past behavior
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There is a $65 consultation fee, but the ASPCA has an animal poison control hotline that you can call. (I'm guessing human meds count under "poison control" for pets). However, I think calling your vet is a good first step.
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Have you counted the remaining Adderall pills, to try to confirm that you did take one out and it is actually missing?
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Step 1: Look EVERYWHERE for the pill.

This is very dangerous advice. In the time spent trying to find a pill which very may well be unfind-able (having been ingested) you could be putting your pet at serious risk. Some toxins act very, very quickly.

Paying $65 to call the ASCPA poison control hotline (linked above), or paying the urgent care fee at your nearest vet, is much cheaper than putting off care and possibly being on the hook for thousands of dollars of treatment, which may or may not work.

Anytime your pet eats something that might be dangerous, do not fuck around. Take action immediately.
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Running to the vet now! Thanks everyone
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Also, for the future, deal with the pet but don't look, VACUUM. Put in a clean vacuum bag or empty the canister and go through every surface area with a vacuum, then look through the bag or canister. Makes finding pills MUCH easier.
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Please update us. I hope your kitty is okay!
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If you're vacuuming with the purpose of finding, wrap/tie something sheer like a stocking over the vacuum head. Dust will go through, but bigger items like tablets or jewelry won't.
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Thirding the ASPCA poison control, they've been invaluable for advice, like when my dumbass car decided to walk all over the newly refinished floors and then licked the finish off her paws with gusto.

Our vet was the one who told us to call them, they have way more specialized knowledge than an ordinary vet.
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Thanks everyone! I'm happy to report that so far things are ok; all signs were normal at the vet, but just to be safe they're monitoring him for the day, supposed to pick him up this evening.

I think when this first happened, despite the uncertainty/panic I knew the only foolproof thing would be to take him to the vet, but peace of mind is not coming cheap. I certainly will know to be more careful when dispensing medications in the future.

Again a huge thanks to the hive mind; it's days like this in a Trump world where I'm ready to give up on things but the calming and helpful advice here has been invaluable. Best of the web indeed.
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