Fun birthday treat delivery in NYC?
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I'd like to send a friend a birthday dessert on Friday May 26. In the past I've done Milk Bar and Baked by Melissa. I want something new but don't really want to pay Goldbely prices. Any recommendations? Delivery will be in Hell's Kitchen, no allergies or food restrictions!
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I love going to Amy's Bread whenever I'm in Hell's Kitchen. They're on 9th, between 46th and 47th.
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Lloyd's Carrot Cake is reputed to be excellent, and they have a location in East Harlem, just a cab or Uber ride away.
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Not new, but the best bakery in New York is Schmackery's.
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Veniero's? For Italian pastry, they're the best.
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Mah Ze Dahr! ZOMG so good. They do local NYC delivery. The Choux!! Get the Choux. Also their presentation is top notch. Def a step up from the usual IMO.
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Four & Twenty Blackbirds makes amazing pies & apparently you can now get them delivered.
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Man I wish I was in NY to eat Mah Ze Dahr! Thank you!
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PS I got the choux :)
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If your friend lives in Hell's Kitchen I would skip both Amy's and Schmackery's since they are already neighborhood standbys. I live in HK; that the thing that I want the most that I'd never splurge on for myself is a Lady M Mille Crepe Cake - any flavor would do but maybe green tea above all the others - delivered to my door.
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+1 to Mah Ze Dar! (Especially the Mah Ze Dar bar and brownie.) Underwest Donuts is another of my favorites and I believe they deliver through Caviar.
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Insomnia Cookies makes totally delicious cookies, and delivers late.
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