Copenhagen on May 26 solo female from airport to Street Food and back?
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My mother and I (from US) are going on a Baltic Cruise together in a week and a half. We will be staying at the Copenhagen airport, Clarion Airport Hotel the night before we depart on the cruise. I'm thinking about heading down to Copenhagen Street Food alone by Metro on Friday night.

Our flight arrives at 13:30 so give a couple hours to check into hotel and get Mom settled (She has mobility issues and won't be able to accompany me.) Then I would like to go explore a bit. I'm thinking I will go check out the Street Food place for a few hours.
Will I (female, 50) be relatively safe, particularly returning later in the evening? Can I do this with no knowledge of the local language? Any guidance appreciated.
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You'll be totally fine. I was in Copenhagen a couple years ago and commented at the time about how many women I saw walking or jogging alone at night. It feels very safe. And you don't need to speak any Danish at all to get around. Nearly everyone speaks fluent English.
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Just got back from a trip to copenhagen a few weeks ago. LOVED the street food place.

That area of the city felt totally safe, even in the evening.

A couple things I noticed:
1. It's quite a nice walk from Nyvahn (the famous touristy port), over the bridge and to street market (or vice versa).
2. Check out the water bus to the Opera as an alternate route to get to/from the street market area. It costs a couple bucks and comes every 40 minutes or so and you get a nice seaside view of the city.
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You'll be fine and perfectly safe. Everyone in Denmark speaks English, don't worry about language at all. Public transport signage is great, buying tickets and finding your way won't be an issue. May is a great time to visit, enjoy!
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Best answer: you will be perfectly fine visiting us here :) most speak perfect english, and the city transportation is really good - even better if you want to join us on the bike lanes for a true Copenhagen experience? if by Street Food place you mean Papirøen next to the opera, then there is a bridge from Nyhavn over the water. Just stay off the bikelanes while walking :) to get to Nyhavn from the airport just take the Metro to Kgs.Nytorv and then walk towards the water and you'll find the bridge. If I can help you at all just MeMail me and i'll be happy to help with what I can.
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Best answer: I was just there last night! You will be totally fine. I don't speak any Danish, and it's never been a problem. I'm not sure if the hours are different on the weekends, but everything seemed to shut down relatively early (somewhere between 9 or 10, depending), so it's not really a late night hangout. Outdoor seating is a thing when it's nice, and there are even some fires lit for maximum hygge, but there is also copious indoor seating. The regular bus system is a little unintuitive with the check in/check out system, but if you get a city day pass, it's simpler (but more expensive) since you just have to flash your ticket at the driver.
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I can personally assure you that you will be perfectly, absolutely, 100% fine.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! My plan is to purchase a 24 hour city pass online and have it texted to my phone. Can't wait!
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Welcome to Copenhagen!
I was a little confused when everyone was recommending the Kgs. Nytorv Metro station and the bridge, but it does make sense. However, when you head back to the hotel, go from Papirøen (where the street food thing is) to the Christianshavn station. You can choose among several routes, either passing by Christiania or going down Strandgade and maybe then Sankt Annæ Gade. Strandgade is where NOMA was till recently, and going down Sankt Annæ Gade on your way to the metro you will find the legendary Café Wilder - an artists' hangout, and Café Oven Vande, also a charming café/bistro. There is also a nice bar floating on the central canal in this area. All of these places are more local and much less touristy than Nyhavn and Papirøen, and the whole atmosphere in the quiet streets and along the Christianshavn canal is very real.

About safety: yes, Copenhagen is completely safe, no worries at all. But there can be pick-pockets in the Metro and because everywhere else is so safe, you can get lulled into not paying attention.
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