How to best make a synched video in final cut pro x to logic pro x audio
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I have a song all mixed. I also have footage of recording the song. Now what? The questions of a video editing novice inside.

I recorded video of myself playing a clown car full of random instruments and mixed all the tracks together in logic pro x. Now I have all sorts of raw video footage that I've brought into Logic Pro X and exported. So now I have a bunch of small video clips that are the exact takes during the recording process that ended up appearing in the final mix.

However, I am entering naively blind into the vexing issue of transitioning between bpm to video frames (this is my first project in fcpx), and lots of the advice I've found on-line is simply to tap the 'mark' key along with the song. This might work with a snazzy slideshow, but when I'm actually synching up what was played, it seems woefully imprecise.

What is my best course of action. Now that I have all these precisely trimmed clips, if I could only place them onto a bpm grid like that found in Logic Pro X, I could put this video together in very little time. What should I do to put together a video on a beat by beat grid?
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It's been a while, but if the original video also has audio you can use FCPro to sync all of the clips using the audio waveform of each; it should just put them where they need to be.
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Have you tried the sync clips function in FCP X? Do a search on the page for "Use audio for synchronization" to see the steps.
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